Couverture: Le futur de la trisomie 21

Le futur de la trisomie 21

New publication on Down Syndrome. A curative perspective is emerging for Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects several million people around the world. Genetic therapies in the process of … Read more

Covers of the series of seven books on teaching autonomy

New series of booklets on autonomy

Publisher Erickson produces new series of booklets. The series comes from the experiences of “Programmes for teaching autonomy” led by the AIPD (Italian Association for people with Down Syndrome). Each … Read more

CD- Cover

New Polish song “JaTez”

The song’s mission is to raise the awareness about DS (and in general about people with disabilities), and the fact that people with DS have the same dreams and passions, … Read more

Title of the Book Neurocognitive rehabilitation of Down Syndrome

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation of Down Syndrome

New book by Jean-Adolphe Rondal, Juan Perera, Donna Spiker. Down syndrome is one of the most commonly occurring developmental disorders and it is now possible to define opportunities for neurocognitive rehabilitation … Read more