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EDSA annual meeting in Madrid

Delegates attending the annual meeting 2014 in MadridFrom 17th to 19th october 2014 the EDSA Annual General Assembly (AGA) took place at the premises of Down España in Madrid. Representants of 19 ds-organizations from 16 european countries were attending the meeting. A new EDSA Board has been elected by the general assembly.

On the program was an interesting speech of Prof. Rafael de la Torre from the research team in Barcelona. He gave an overview of the TesDAD Study, a pilotstudy done with 30 adults with DS. The studygoal was to find out how cognitive function in people with DS can be enhanced by EGCC green tea extract together with educational support through computerprograms.

The host Down España presented their work, activities and campaigns and took us to visit one of their supported living projects in Madrid. Another topic of discussion was the european conference which will take place in Istanbul, september 2016. Fulya Ekmen informed about the planning so far. Anna Contardi talked about some of the EU-projects especially the one just admitted by the commission, OMO – on my own at work. Besides that there were presentations of activities, materials, events and projects from the different member countries.

Anna Contardi speaking in Nuremberg at the CALLENGE WORK CONFERENCE

Anna-ContardiOne way of supporting each other is the possibility for EDSA members to choose speakers from a pool of professionals, who would talk on special topics on conferences etc. EDSA pays the travel costs for the speakers, and the speakers would give their knowledge without asking a fee. The inviting country has to come up for accommodation only. This was decided at the EDSA AGA in Paris last october.
The German Down-Syndrom InfoCenter was the first to try this model and was very pleased to gain Anna Contardi as a guest speaker for its CHALLENGE WORK CONFERENCE on May 17 2014 in Nuremberg. The Center invited her to talk about working options for people with Down Syndrome in Italy since Italy has more experiences yet in supported employment as Germany does have.
A very valuable contribution to our conference!

Parcours et projets de vie - Trisomie 21 et Syndromes génétiques assimilés

Colloque « Parcours et projets de vie - Trisomie 21 et Syndromes génétiques assimilés »

Chers parents, chers collègues,
Madame, Monsieur,

Ces 27-28 et 29 novembre prochains, « les services de l'APEM-T21 » asbl organisent, à Verviers (Belgique), un colloque intitulé « Parcours et projets de vie : Trisomie et Syndromes génétiques assimilés ».
Notre pays, comme beaucoup d'autres pays dans le monde, souhaitent via différentes politiques développer une société plus inclusive. C'est-à-dire :
« Une société où il s'agit de permettre aux personnes handicapées de pouvoir décider par et pour elles-mêmes de leur vie, de manière à ce que chacun et chacune puisse trouver une place adéquatement ».

Ce colloque aborde toute l'importance pour les parents et les professionnels de « construire un projet de vie, incluant à la fois les moyens et les ressources nécessaires à la personne handicapée pour y parvenir ». Ce projet devra bien entendu traverser les différentes étapes de vie de la personne (enfance, adolescence, âge adulte).
Lors de ce colloque, sont abordés les thèmes clefs comme l'école, l'accès à la formation, l'autonomie dans la vie sociale et la communauté mais aussi le logement, tout en mettant l'accent sur l'importance de développer une bonne connaissance de soi et une estime de soi adéquate.

Vous trouverez ci-joint le pré-programme du colloque et les données utiles pour l'inscription. Vous pouvez également vous rendre sur notre site internet:

Espérant vous voir nombreux lors de ce colloque, nous vous souhaitons bonne réception de ce pré-programme.

Symposium "Pathways and Life Projects – Down Syndrome and Genetic Disorders".

Dear parents, dear colleagues,
Madame, Sir,

From 27th to 29th of November, the services of APEM -T21 association will organize a symposium entitled: "Pathways and Life projects – Down Syndrome and Genetic Disorders" in Verviers, Belgium.

Our country, like many other countries in the world, wish to develop a more inclusive society through differentpolitical strategies. That is to say: "A society that allows disabled persons to be able to decide for and by themselves, so that everyone can find their own place."

This symposium discusses the importance for parents and professionals to "build a life project, including both the means and the resources needed for the disabled person to achieve." This project will of course go through the various stages of the person's life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood).

At this symposium, we are going to discuss main topics such as school, access to training, accommodation and empowerment in social and community life, while emphasizing the importance of developing good self-knowledge and suitable self-esteem.

You will find attached the pre-conference program and the relevant data for registration. You may also visit our website:

Hoping to see you at this symposium, which will be held in French without translation, we wish you good reception of this pre-program.

A. Bonjean
Directeur Général

J.J. Detraux
Prof. Emérite, Université de Liège
Administrateur Services APEM-T21

Prof. Emeritus, University of Liège
APEM -T21 Services Administrator

WDSD. Our right to work and to have an independent life, the requests of people with Down Syndrome

Young people with Down Syndrome demonstrating in front of EU parliament in BrusselsThe right to work and to have an independent life, these were the unanimous requests of all people with Down Syndrome of 15 European delegations who attended "WDSD 2014: Our Voices Our Rights" Press Conference, at the European Parliament. The event, which was held on the 20th of March in Brussels was organized by EDSA to celebrate the WDSD 2014.

The press conference was preceded by a flash mob performed in the square in front of the EU Parliament: people with Down Syndrome, all together have shaped the digits "21".

Here you can read the speeches of representatives of the 15 participating countries at the press conference.

First councillor in Spain with Down Syndrome

Ángela Bachiller has become the first councillor in Spain with Down Syndrome. From now on this young woman will be member of the Town Hall of Valladolid, a city of 300,000 inhabitants in northern Spain. Ángela, 30, has been working until now as administrative assistant in the Department of Social Welfare.

EDSA welcome this news and hope it will encourage the participation of people with Down Syndrome in community and political life. Get more information here.

Down Syndrome month on radio and television in the Balearic Islands

The Down Syndrome Association of the Balearic Islands (ASNIMO) was protagonist during the entire month of March of the awareness-raising campaign "Tots Donam una Mà" (Let's All Give a Hand) run by Grupo IB3 (Balearic Islands Radio and Television), which covers a different social cause every month. Thanks to this initiative, the programming included interviews and reports with people with Down Syndrome, their families, and professionals from ASNIMO. We believe that this campaign has made it possible for the people of the Balearic Islands to be more aware of the skills that people with D.S. use in their different jobs at the companies where they work, as well as in the programmes on autonomy and independent life in which they learn life skills.
Moreover, Grupo IB3 accompanied us on 21 March, as a witness to the Open Day organised at our facilities to celebrate WDSD. Throughout the day there were leisure activities, workshops and exhibitions of the craftwork produced at our work centres. A press conference was held during which a collaboration agreement was signed with the marketing and communication agency "Palma Comunicación", which will be advising us on corporate image matters. Furthermore, the DSI video "Let Us In – I Want to Learn!" was screened along with the commercial spot produced by AVESID-ASNIMO "We Were All Born Free and Equal". The event was very well received and over 600 people came to meet us at ASNIMO.

The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights inspired the Venezuelan Association for Down Syndrome (AVESID) and the Down Syndrome Association of the Balearic Islands (ASNIMO) to create the spot "We are all born free and equal". The aim of this video is make aware the society regarding the rights of people with D.S.


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