A young man with DS offers drinks on a tray.

Welcome to EDSA

The European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) is a non-profit organisation supporting and representing people with Down syndrome across Europe. EDSA brings together organisations from across Europe, sharing information and promoting collaboration to improve life for people with Down syndrome and their families. On this website you can find out more about EDSA, its purpose and structure and its member organizations.

EDSA’s main objective is to promote the complete development of people with Down syndrome, regardless of racial, linguistic, religious, philosophical, or political considerations. EDSA seeks to improve the health, education and training, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome, so that each one can lead as normal a life as possible.

EDSA’s priorities may be summarised as follows:

    • Protection of the rights of people with Down syndrome
    • The provision of genetic counselling when diagnosis has been confirmed
    • Establishing health and early care programmes Emphasising family support and caring for the seriously disabled
    • Diversity in education initiatives
    • Promoting access to employment and providing guidance for adult life
    • Ensuring integration into the community in terms of sport and leisure activities
    • Providing guardianship services and training specialists
    • Supporting research and the development and implementation of new technologies;
    • Promoting positive social images
    • Guaranteeing professional and dedicated association leadership.

(from EDSA Code of Ethics)