Invite an expert

Logo “invite an expert!“It is one of EDSAs goals to share experiences as well as good practices and support each other with information and expertise. Within the program “Invite an expert” an EDSA member can invite a Down Syndrome professional from another member organization on a special topic to a conference or workshop, being organized in their own country. Financial support comes from EDSA so that the inviting country has nearly no costs.

Anna Contardi speaking
Anna Contardi

During the last years several associations took advantage of this opportunity to invite experts from abroad to their conferences.

For example, Anna Contardi traveled to Germany, Portugal and Turkey. Cora Halder and Prof. Etta Wilken from Germany were in Kosovo. November 2016 both Anna and Cora were guests at conferences in Zagreb and Ljubljana, where the topic was employment of persons with Down Syndrome. The same topic was presented by Cora in Prague january 2017.

The “Invite an expert” program is one of the benefits EDSA is offering to their members, as it is a great chance to inform member associations about the situation in other countries and to share experiences and good practices.