Family Exchange Programme (FEP)

Button: Read a testimonialAs EDSA, one of our aims is to build bridges between families who have a child or a relative with Down syndrome and are living in different countries. We believe that changing experiences and see different cultures are a great possibility for all of us. Therefore we designed a website and create a platform called Family Exchange Programme (FEP).

About FEP Programme

The aim of that platform is to create a network between families who have a child with Down Syndrome. Families can visit and host each other in their homeland.
Once you become a member of the network you can offer a service to a family or free accomodation in your house etc. who wants to visit your country. Same way you can see other families’ offers and choose one of them. Please ask costs before deciding your visit. Families don’t have to obtain free services like free tickets of city tours etc. Quality and kind of services are up to the family. You may be a host or a visitor or both.
Your personal information will not be shared with third parties. But every membership have to be approved by member’s local organization. Therefore when you want to become a member of this platform, your informations will be shared with your national/local organization for approval and after your membership is confirmed, all informations that you gave will be seen by other members of the platform.

It is very easy to use the website.

  1. You create an account by using “Sign Up” button
  2. The account will approve by your association to obtain the account security.
  3. After approvement you can use the platform. Just “Sign In”!
  4. You can create an invitation by using “Create Invitation” button or you can View Invitation by using “View Invitation” button
  5. You can view all invitations or filter by using “Search” button
  6. In the home page: When you scroll down you can see all countries in the programme and number of invitations related with that country.

We hope you will enjoy your journey through different cultures!