Small Steps: an Early Intervention Program

Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 17.00 – 18.00 CET
Speakers: Regina Lamberts and Gert de Graaf, Dutch Down Syndrome Foundation
Translation: Croatian, Czech, French, German, Turkish and Ukrainian

Small Steps is an Early Intervention Program which enables parents to support the development of their child with Down syndrome.
In the Netherlands, the program has been transformed into a Web Application, which is easy to use, and which gives parents the content of the program in a stepwise way, adapted to their child’s and family’s needs.
Though professional support is helpful, parents can use the program on their own in situations in which it is difficult to organize professional developmental support for children and families. In this presentation, the speakers will explain and show why and how Small Steps is used in their country, and introduce the Web Application.


Regina Lamberts is director and psychologist of the Down Syndrome Foundation. Her interest is focused on behavior in people with Down syndrome and parent support.

Gert de Graaf is the scientific and educational officer of the Dutch Down Syndrome Foundation in The Netherlands. His main research interests are the epidemiology of Down Syndrome and inclusive education.