WDSD 2019 “Leave no one behind!” – Russia

21 March is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The motto of this year’s event is: Leave no one behind!
EDSA has asked their members to show people with Down syndrome taking part in activities together with others. Starting on 1 March, we show 21 examples from across Europe to make it clear that no one should be left behind!

Now in Russia, children with Down syndrome have an opportunity not only to receive education, but also spent their free time in an interesting way – be engaged in creative activities, attend theaters and museums. Four friends – Dasha, Dima, Stepan and Ivan came to the museum of Russian realistic art. Most of all they were impressed by the painting “Green Light”. On the painting the traffic light is always green and we hope that on the roads chosen by these young people the green light will be always on too.

Сейчас в России дети с синдромом Дауна имеют возможность не только получать образование, но и интересно проводить свободное время – заниматься творчеством, посещать театры и музеи.  Четверо друзей – Даша, Дима, Степан и Иван пришли в музей Русского реалистического искусства. Одна из картин, «Зеленый Свет», привлекла их особое внимание. На этом светофоре всегда горит зеленый свет, и мы надеемся, что и в жизни ребятам на выбранных им дорогах всегда будет светить зеленый.