Erasmus+ project “I learn and get beyond my limits”

Since beginning of 2021 EDSA is partner in the Erasmus+ project „I learn and get beyond my limits“. Lebel had a difficult start, due to the Covid situation. A kick of meeting in presence was not possible, so was organized in September 2021 as a 3 day-online meeting.
The project leader and coordinator is the turkish public body called Eskişehir AFAD, experienced in disaster awareness training, response and evacuation in disasters and emergencies. EDSA, together with other partners will develop innovative educational materials to provide the skills, which individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities will need after disasters and emergencies.
Here are the details of the project.

I learn and get beyond my limits – (LEBEL)

The Subject of the Project

To provide the skills which individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities will need after disasters and emergencies by producing innovative educational materials.

Target Audience of the Project

Individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. They are usually trained using visual materials with special education methods such as one-on-one and face-to-face. For this reason, parents and caregivers of these individuals have also been identified as target audiences to provide special education opportunities.

The Objectives of the Project to be achieved are as follows

  • To ensure that individuals with autism and intellectual disability can communicate with the right people after disasters and emergencies,
  • To ensure that they display the correct behaviour shapes to stay safe,
  • To integrate these individuals into the disaster and emergency management system,
  • To increase the professional knowledge and skills of the project partners and related participants.

The final goals as a policy are

It is aimed to affect the policies and programs that can be developed in order to overcome the deficiencies in disaster and emergency awareness training and rehabilitation of disabled individuals including autism and intellectual disability.

Content of the Project

  1. Dictionary of disaster and emergency basic terms adapted for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities and prepared with special teaching methods.
  2. Educational content consisting of video, animation and digital books that teach correct behaviours after disasters and emergencies,
  3. Digital library for disasters and emergencies prepared specifically for these individuals,
  4. The correct behaviours of the personnel working in disasters and emergencies in their approach to these individuals.

Project Partnership

The project partnership was created by bringing together organizations with different expertise in disaster and emergency situations, autism and down syndrome, distance education, disability, design, education, risk management and innovation in line with the subjects and objectives.

  1. Eskişehir AFAD, public body, experienced in disaster awareness training, response and evacuation in disasters and emergencies.
  2. Osmangazi University, experienced in distance education, innovative design and user interface solutions.
  3. YERSİS is an educational consultancy company that researches the issue of accessibility among individuals with special needs during disasters and emergencies.
  4. Tohum Autism Foundation is a non-profit and in the public interest healthcare and education foundation in the field of autism.
  5. Down Syndrome Association is a non-governmental organization that works to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome can establish an independent, productive and integrated life.
  6. EDSA is an umbrella NGO that brings together 38 national organizations across Europe.
  7. MSSA is an NGO established to realize, coordinate and carry out the interests and training of people with autism.
  8. The Research Center on Disability and Marginality (CeDisMa) of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart works to develop knowledge for teachers, educators, trainers, coordinators, social workers in the field of special education.

Outputs of the Project

  1. Adapted Disaster and Emergency Basic Concepts Dictionary for Individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disability
  2. Distance Education Portal
  3. Digital Library