Building an inclusive disability movement

EDF’s Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Madrid, Spain, last weekend (13.- 15.05.2017) brought together over 200 participants, including AGA delegates, observers, partners, guests and members of the global disability movement. The meeting was hosted by EDF Spanish members, CERMI and ONCE Foundation.

Pat Clarke has been re-elected to represent EDSA on the board of EDF. He was also elected as Vice President of EDF.

To mark EDF’s 20th anniversary, a conference was organized in the framework of the AGA entitled ‘20 years later: Building an inclusive disability movement for the future’. The conference was an opportunity to recall the great achievements of the disability movement in the last 20 years, but also to identify the challenges ahead and how the disability movement should address these challenges.

The Photo shows Pat Clarke, DS Ireland and board member of EDSA, elected to Vice President of EDF, and Tania Michalenko, DS Ukraina and board member of EDSA, together with Carla, who works for CERMI, the Spanish National Council

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