Donation of Slovakian company DEDOLES for EDSA.

The Socks Challenge Campaign 2021 of DEDOLES supports the European Down Syndrome Association with a donation of 5000 Euro.
Isidro Moyano, the treasurer of EDSA met with Kristína Vísková in the Dedoles Shop in Prague. Ms. Vísková handed over the donation voucher for EDSA (5000 Euro).
EDSA is very grateful with this generous donation. Thank you DEDOLES!

What is the SocksChallenge Campaign?

#SocksChallenge is organized by DEDOLES and held every year on 21 March and is associated with World Down Syndrome Day. On this day, two different socks are worn to celebrate human uniqueness. All those who want to show solidarity and support people with Down syndrome and their families are welcome to join the challenge. At the same time, this campaign helps spread awareness that human individuality makes this world more beautiful, colourful, interesting, and inspiring.

DEDOLES – best selling products are socks!

The company DEDOLES has been selling cheerful products for 8 years and operates in 20 European countries through their e-shops.
As their best-selling products are socks, which are also a symbol of World Down Syndrome Day, the company management decided to support people with Down Syndrome through the Socks Challenge.
DEDOLES have implemented Socks Challenge campaign for 3 years and just finished its 4th campaign. The campaign goal is to use their marketing potential to raise awareness about people with Trisomy 21 and at the same time to dedicate part of the March sale of socks to organizations which support people with Down syndrome.

Donations to DS Associations

2020 the company managed to inform more than 700,000 people about Down syndrome through the massive information campaign Sock Challenge and donated € 8000 to the Slovak organization Spoločnosť Downovho synrómu na Slovensku and another € 2,533 to Down Syndrome International (DSi). 

In 2021 DEDOLES wanted to support people with Trisomie 21 again.
A large amount was divided between the Slovak Spoločnosť Downovho synrómu na Slovensku, as DEDOLES is a Slovak company; as well as to Down Syndrome International (DSi) and to the European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA), as both provide support to organizations in other countries through information, education, coordination, and other projects. Also the Czech DS association became a donation.

Further information about DEDOLES and Down Syndrome

DEDOLES created web pages in 13 languages with some information about DS, about problems which people with DS and their families suffer and info about the Socks Challenge, see or