Down Syndrome International – Celebrating 30 years

DSi was founded back in 1993

Three remarkable women, from different parts of the world, joined together in their determination to make the world a better place.
Jo Mills from Canada, Penny Robertson from Australia, and Sylvia Escamilla from Mexico, were all mothers of children with Down syndrome. 
Through their personal and professional lives, they had witnessed the unacceptable exclusion of people with Down syndrome. They wanted to make a change in that world. 
And so, Down Syndrome International was founded with a mission to make the world more inclusive for people with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome International today

Today, DSi is a network of 157 organisations, in 113 countries. 
We are thousands of people with Down syndrome, and their families, from every part of the globe. Together we speak up for the human rights of people with Down syndrome around the world. 
We share a vision of a better world where all people with Down syndrome are fully included in society.

Throughout October, we will be sharing examples of the work that the DSi Network is doing to advocate for the human rights of people with Down syndrome all around the world. 

Celebrating 30 years of the DSi Network 

We will be using the hashtag #DownSyndromeNetwork
We encourage you to share our posts, and your own, using this hashtag.