EDSA: AGA 2018 and Seminar on Job Inclusion in Madrid

– From 26th to 28th Oktober 2018 members of EDSA come together in Madrid for their annual meeting. Down Spain is hosting this event in their premises in the Calle de Machaquito. Part of the program is a one day seminar on Job Inclusion. Expected are representatives of DS- associations from 20 different countries. The AGA (Annual General Assembly) will take place on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. The seminar is all day Saturday.

Seminar: Job Inclusion

In the past months a survey among the edsa members about “job inclusion” was carried out. The results of the study will be presented on this conference. (2017 there was a similar study done around the topic “school inclusion”).
On the program are different contributions about supported employment, examples of vocational training, some EU-projects dealing with inclusion on the jobmarket, labour policies in Europe etc. Speakers from 10 European countries will present these topics.