Inclusion – the simple thing, that is hard to do? Our common ground: Human Rights

Date: Wednesday, 15. June 2022, 17.00 h. CET, per Zoom
Speaker: Ines Boban
Translation: Croatian, Czech, French, German, Turkish and Ukrainian
Webinar’s record from 19 January 2022 is ready to watch on YouTube:

In this session Ines Boban strengthens the human rights approach to an inclusive education – also by using an INDEX FOR INCLUSION. Some aspects may help to understand, why quite a simple idea sometimes is not easy to realise in cultures, policies and practices. But there are ways – always and everywhere, – where people build circles!


Ines Boban
Ines Boban

Ines Boban was lucky to be part of the integration and later inclusion movement in Germany since the beginning in the 1980s. She worked for eleven years in a comprehensive school in Hamburg and for many years at the Universities of Hamburg and Halle (Saale). Her main topic was inclusive education with the aspects of school development, the connection to democratic education and person centered planning. Together with her husband Andreas Hinz she adapted the Index for Inclusion for schools in German speaking countries. And very often she facilitates support-circles for persons with DS and their families and friends!