Apps developed in the POSEIDON project – an EU FP7 research project – are now available on Google play. The Poseidon project aimed at developing technological infrastructure and services to help people with Down syndrome in their daily routines.

If you search in Google Play for “Poseidon tellu” you will get three apps: POSEIDON money assistance, POSEIDON app and POSEIDON Route Creator. They can be downloaded for free.

There is no self-service system yet but interested people can send a mail to terje.grimstad@karde.no and he will allocate an user account.

When you have registered as user, you will get access to the “POSEIDON web for Carers” http://www.poseidon-project.org/secondary-users/web-for-carers/. On this web the secondary user can personalize the app for the primary user, e.g. define routes, calendar events, shopping lists and so on.

The apps are in English, German and Norwegian and are only running on Android equipment.

Terje Grimstad, one of the developers of the POSEIDON apps, working for Karde AS, partner in the project says: “We have an ambition to make an automatic registration system this autumn.
Please be aware that the POSEIDON apps are not commercialized, we cannot guarantee they are flawless.
For the time being the use will be free of charge, but it would be nice if people who are happy could donate a sum to their local Down syndrome organization”.

Logo POSEIDON Project



There is lot of information on the POSEIDON project:  http://www.poseidon-project.org/
Information about the instruction videos: http://www.poseidon-project.org/secondary-users/