Promising technology for people with Down syndrome: PROJECT UNDERSTOOD

Project Understood

Voice technology is becoming a more important tool in day-to-day life that can help to make independent living more accessible. The problem is that currently, the technology doesn’t always understand people with Down syndrome. That’s why the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) and Google are working together to ensure the future of voice technology includes people with Down syndrome.
To do this, we’re looking for people with Down syndrome to share voice samples through a research study called Project Understood. Participants who qualify will be able to help train Google’s voice by reading out 1500+ phrases from the comfort of their home, over as many sessions as they need.

Every voice matters

You may have already heard about Project Understood through a media story, or perhaps you saw it on social media, but now it is time to take action!
We are trying to find 500 participants.  Every voice recorded brings us closer to our goal, every voice matters.
Participants are required to have Down syndrome, to be 18 years of age or older, and need to speak English. As a token of appreciation, Google will provide thank you gift cards to participants who share their speech samples.  For the latest information on the gift program, please visit Google’s project FAQ page:

How can you help?

1. Email your members and ask them to check out Project Understood at Feel free to use any of the messaging from the website in your communications to your members.

2. Follow CDSS on social media and share our posts. Here are two posts that explain the program and how to get involved: