WDSD 2019 “Leave no one behind!” – Germany

21 March is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The motto of this year’s event is: Leave no one behind!
EDSA has asked their members to show people with Down syndrome taking part in activities together with others. Starting on 1 March, we show 21 examples from across Europe to make it clear that no one should be left behind!

Playing together in kindergarten or in public playgrounds is nothing special any more. This is what the Deutsches Down-Syndrome InfoCenter wants to express with this year‘s WDSD postcard campaign and has therefore chosen the motto: “you are special, just like me”.

Das gemeinsame Spielen im Kindergarten oder auf öffentlichen Spielplätzen ist heute selbstverständlich. Das will das Deutsches Down-Syndrom InfoCenter mit einer Aktions-Karte zum WDST 2019 zeigen und wählte für genau dieses Fotomotiv das Motto „Du bist besonders, genau wie ich“.