WDSD 2023 “With-Us-Not-For-Us” – United Kingdom 

Hi my name is Kate Powell. 

When I was invited to be the editor of the Down2Earth magazine, I realized it was an important role. I felt confident I could do the job; at least I would try my very best. I was very proud to have been offered the job and felt very excited about the time ahead. 

The work involved reading letters that came in by post. There were personal stories, photos, recipes and poems. I would reply to letters that needed answering as for what was to be published in the magazine was after much discussion, this was decided the whole of the information team, of which I am a member. 

I supported the decision to choose stories, by discussing this with my colleagues in the team. Before each publication, I would speak with our Communications Manager, to talk about the stories as well as drafting my bi-annual Letter from the Editor. 

I also would go to different events on behalf of the Down’s Syndrome Association and I participated in different public speaking events. It made me feel confident and proud. I still feel really good about this.  

As the magazine Down2Earth is now part of the DSA Journal my contribution has changed somewhat. I do a weekly blog, I am still reviewing stories and write one of the Letter from the Editor.