A young woman with Down syndrome sits opposite a female doctor in her surgery. The two are talking to each other. Medical equipment can be seen in the background.

WDSD 2024 “Health Equity for All” – Georgia

Tamar Ghviniashvili, Tbilisi, GeorgiaTamar regularly visits the cardiologist to monitor her health status. At Jo Ann University Hospital in Tbilisi, she undergoes thorough examinations and receives advice. თამარ ღვინიაშვილი, თბილისი, … Read more

A boy with Down syndrom plays with a rugby ball in front of his face.

WDSD 2024 “Health Equity for All” – Spain

Practicing sports in an inclusive way generates physical, biological and psychological benefits for Nicolás, while allowing him to strengthen his social life, self-esteem and sense of belonging to the community. Nicolás … Read more

A boy with DS lies on a medical couch. He seems exhausted and weak.

WDSD 2024 “Health Equity for All” – Malta

Karl’s hospitalization presented challenges due to communication barriers, leading to uncertainty among medical staff. Despite extensive tests and scans, including an MRI, the diagnosis remained inconclusive, with vertigo being suggested … Read more