EDSA-Webinar with Dr. Andre Strydom and Prof. Mara Dierssen

Wednesday 16th December 2020 17.00 h. CET the European Down Syndrome Association EDSA will organize a webinar with Dr. Andre Strydom and Prof. Mara Dierssen about Covid-19 and Down Syndrome.

Dr. Andre Strydom, president of the Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) and Prof. Mara Dierssen, past president and member of the T21RS COVID-19 Task Force will present the results of the T21RS survey to evaluate the effects of the virus on children and adults with Down syndrome around the world who tested positive or showed signs or symptoms. The goal of the survey is to learn if people with Down syndrome are more vulnerable or have a different course of illness related COVID-19 and if their illness is related to their pre-existing health profile. They will present some takeaway implications, and the T21RS recommendations on vaccination and shielding and will explain the new phase that has started to expand the survey’s results.

This webinar is available on Youtube: