WDSD 2019 “Leave no one behind!” – Portugal

21 March is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The motto of this year’s event is: Leave no one behind!
EDSA has asked their members to show people with Down syndrome taking part in activities together with others. Starting on 1 March, we show 21 examples from across Europe to make it clear that no one should be left behind!

This is Maria Alba, she is working in a famous Science Center in our country. She‘s always very happy to go to work to see her colleagues, to help everyone and to proudly do all the tasks that she has to do. Since she is working there Maria made new friends, she goes to work by train and very often she shares that traveling time with her new colleagues from work. She definitely feels part of the team, no one is left behind!

Esta é a Maria Alba, trabalha actualmente num Centro de Ciência famoso do nosso País. A Maria demonstra sempre muita felicidade em ir trabalhar, em ver os seus colegas em ajudar toda a gente e em desempenhar todas as funções que tão orgulhosamente executa. Desde que a Maria está a trabalhar já fez novos amigos, vai para o trabalho de comboio e quase sempre tem a companhia de alguns colegas durante a viagem. Não restam dúvidas que a Maria se sente parte da equipa, ninguém é deixado para trás!