EDSA-Webinar: Estimation of the number of people with Down Syndrome in Europe

Speakers: Frank Buckley, Gert de Graaf.
Webinar’s record from 17.02.2021 is ready to watch on YouTube:

Estimation of the number of people with Down Syndrome in Europe

How many people with Down Syndrome live in Europe as a whole, and how many in the different European countries? What is their age distribution? How have changes in survival rates influenced the numbers alive? What is the effect of prenatal testing and selective terminations on the number of live births of children with Down Syndrome? Is the number of people with Down Syndrome alive decreasing due to selective terminations? And, how do individual european countries compare?

In their study „Estimation of the number of people with Down syndrome in Europe“ the authors Gert de Graaf (Netherlands), Frank Buckley (UK) and Brian Skotko (USA) worked on data from 1901 until 2015.
They have stitched together registries across Europe to calculate a country-by-country estimate of the number of people with Down syndrome, the number of selective pregnancy termination because of Down syndrome, and the impact of such terminations on birth prevalence and population prevalence.

In our webinar Frank Buckley will give a talk on these very interesting and important issues. Both he and Gert de Graaf will answer questions after the webinar.

Frank Buckley

Frank Buckley is the CEO of Down Syndrome Educational International, UK and Down Syndrome Education USA. Since 2007, Frank has prioritized scientific research that promises to deliver near term benefits, and expanded global information and training services.

Gert de Graaf

Gert de Graaf is the scientific and educational officer of the Dutch Down Syndrome Foundation in The Netherlands. His main research interests are the epidemiology of Down Syndrome and inclusive education.

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