Socks Challenge and “Inclusion means…”-video

Do you remember the Dedelos campaign?
Dedelos sells socks and celebrates the human uniqueness. Last year The Socks Challenge Campaign supported the European Down Syndrome Association with a donation of 5000 Euro. Here is the story:
This year Dedelos will support amongst others the Ukrainian DS Organisation!

World Down syndrome day 2022 “Inclusion means…”

The slogan of this year WDSD “Inclusion means…” is subject of three very nice videos, produced by Dedelos for the WDSD 2022 .They show how education, sport and employment can be inclusive.
Have a look here for the videos or here:


supports the diversity of students who learn to be more tolerant of each other. It helps break down prejudices and barriers and allows people with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome, to make lifelong friendships


are the best way to promote inclusion, as they help us perceive the uniqueness of each of us. Many talented and successful athletes with Down Syndrome prove that their disability does not have to be an obstacle to success.–70A


People with Down Syndrome would also like to work, but they don’t always get that opportunity – and that’s a mistake! Everyone should be given the opportunity to work, even if only for a few hours. The performance of a worker with a disability is unlikely to be at the level of other employees, and the employers have to reckon with that. However, people with Down syndrome are some of the most sincere and loyal employees, and their positive impact on the team is much more valuable.