The Matthew Foundation in USA presents interesting Webinars

October in USA is the Disability Awareness Month. All kind of activities are planned. Here is the program of the Matthew Foundation with some interesting webinars about Covid & DS, DS & Autism, Sleep and about the Neurodiversity Virtual Summit 2021.

The Matthew Foundation

The Matthew Foundation has been formed to improve the quality of life for persons with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities over their entire life span.
We are taking a multi-prong approach to address different challenges that persons with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities face. We can IMAGINE what it will be like to live in a society that welcomes all people with developmental disabilities and hope you will join us in making it a reality.
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We support research and believe in the possible impact research can have on the life of a person with Down syndrome. The first programs The Matthew Foundation introduced were to support research.

We established the first and only endowed fund for Down syndrome research at Stanford University. Soon thereafter, we became Founding Sponsors of Trisomy 21 Research Society. In 2018, in conjunction with LuMind RDS Foundation’s support of Stanford research, we are further supporting Stanford’s Down syndrome research and set up an expendable fund.

We are also supporters of NIH’s DS-Connect registry where people with Down syndrome and their families can connect with researchers and health care providers, express interest in participating in clinical studies, and help people better understand the health of people with Down syndrome across their lifespan.