Constructing Amazing Brains Announcement

Constructing Amazing Brains

By Dr Mara Dierssen – world expert in the field of neuroscience and Down syndrome – Instituto Cervantes, CEBE (Científicos Españoles en Bélgica) and the Cultural and Scientific Section of … Read more



This Year’s WDSC is coming – 2018 has started and the World Down Syndrome Congress is getting closer. Time to register! More information on the congress website:    

Speakers Anna Portugalova, Director Downside Up and Florence Garrett

Conference in Moscow

Conference on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Downside Up Charitable Fund – This year the Downside Up Charitable Fund in Moscow celebrated its 20th anniversary with a national conference, … Read more

EDSA 30th anniversary 1987-2017

EDSA – 30 Years

EDSA 30th anniversary 1987-2017. Dr. Juan Perera, director of ASNIMO (Asociacion Sindrome de Down de Baleares) and one of the founders of EDSA, presented this speech on EDSA 30th anniversary … Read more